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Raised in a “Real Estate Family,” Hollie was introduced at an early age to the value of property in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Her father was a commercial property investor and took her with him to see many real estate transactions, when she was as young as three years old.

Hollie grew up learning about the surrounding and ever-changing real estate markets, both residential and commercial. As the youngest of three children, she was often the tag-along and observed the adults conducting real estate business around her. She learned at a young age the subtle art of the Negotiation.

Upon her graduation in Advertising and Media Studies from her full scholarship to University of Kentucky in 1992, she pursued her career and moved to the multi-cultural area of South Florida. She focused her early career on residential real estate ventures and partnered in an Architectural Concrete Manufacturing company, Profiles in Concrete. Hollie led a sales/marketing team to number one in South Florida and eventually sold her shares to pursue Interior Design and Commercial Land Development.

She holds a license in real estate and insurance and because of her boundless amount of energy she has been able to raise her three children while managing her career in both of these fields.

To her clients, Hollie lends not only an open ear, but an open heart. She is well-versed in the South Florida Real Estate market and shares her knowledge and kindness with each and every person in which she works. Her vast experience and knowledge of the residential real estate market in South Florida helps hr clients to feel secure in knowing that their home will be sold quickly and at the price their property deserves. If you need the heart and soul of a real estate professional, look no further.